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Become an Arthritis Support Network Leader

Bring a Support Network to your community. 

If you do not have an Arthritis Support Network in your local community, leading a support group is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our support group are led by adults living with arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Arthritis Support Network Leader (ASN Leaders) go through an application and training process to ensure that you have the tools you need to begin and grow an Arthritis Support Network in your community. As an ASN Leader you will connect adults who know the unique challenges of living with arthritis and rheumatic diseases. You will meet amazing people, make lifelong friends, and create great memories.

An Arthritis Support Network Leader:

  • Plans, coordinates, and facilitates fun and engaging group meetings and social activities and events.
  • Promotes, markets, and maintains a group that is supportive and a safe place to share thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  • Uses our Constituent Relationship Management Software to: add events to our website, maintain contacts and a group email list to communicate to group participants and report on attendance at support group activities.
  • Communicates with the SN Leadership Team, local staff, group participants, and prospective group participants.

Our volunteer driven peer led support group program is part of an expanding range of Arthritis Foundation resources that provide personalized help and support to people with all types of arthritis and related conditions and we meet in person in communities across the country. Our peer led Arthritis Support Network get together for activities and share about their experience on the arthritis rollercoaster. Some examples of group activities are: attending wellness education lectures, learning arthritis friendly exercises, discovering coping skills and strategies, meeting for coffee, lunch, going bowling, playing miniature golf, and picnics in the parks. 

Expectations: Our Arthritis Support Network Leaders are the support group leader of our local groups.  They agree to host at least 6 meetings or events in a 12 month period.  They also organize at least 3 wellness education focused meetings per year. Many of our leaders offer formal or informal education or life hacks at almost every meeting. We do ask for at least a 2 years commitment because it does take time to build and grow a support group.

Prior to completing the application below, please:

Our goal is to have 2 Arthritis Support Network Leaders for each Arthritis Support Network because we understand how unpredictable arthritis can be.  Besides its more fun to have a partner in crime.  If you wish to join a group and get email updates about upcoming events, please use the Join this Group button on your local group page.  

The first step in the process is to complete the application below. Individuals will be interviewed and those who successfully complete the screening process will be invited to become a volunteer and serve as an Arthritis Support Network Leader. Once all the required paperwork is completed, we will provide you with the tools and training to get started!

We look forward to having you as a leader in the Arthritis Support Network!

If you'd like to lead an Arthritis Support Network, please complete the form below.  If your are interested in leading a JA Parent Support Network please follow the link to complete the JA Parent Support Network Application.

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* Please note that this training is provided to US based Arthritis Support Network locations only.



The Arthritis Support Network provides personalized help and support to adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Our programs offer opportunities for connection, education and empowerment via support groups and conferences.

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