A Summer Gal ’s Fall Transition

As a self-proclaimed summer gal, it’s always difficult to watch the daylight dim a little faster and feel the crispness in the air more frequently. When summer leaves, dragging along a jacket is required, not suggested, while long strolls with the dogs become quick, swift steps to let them “do their thing” as fast as possible. Even though summer must turn to fall, there’s still a little magic that comes with the new season. Since it’s coming no matter what, you might as well have fun and enjoy it.

Like many of you, the colder temperatures make my joints complain a little bit louder than when it’s warm and dry outside. Thankfully, there are still nice days sprinkled throughout the chillier months and those make my gratitude list for sure. The themes of being grateful, giving back, and thankfulness kick into high-gear during the holiday seasons. While thankfulness is an effort worth focusing on year-round, it’s exciting to have it highlighted and celebrated with a few fall centered ways of giving back.

Thanksgiving is a big day for expressing our gratitude. Food, family, and football are the focus for many people on that specific Thursday. For me, I like to get up and run the Turkey Trot 5K. Not only is it a huge gathering of runners and walkers, it supports a local food bank. After crossing the finish line, it’s family time. My mother makes sure to make my favorite vegan pumpkin pie and a few other special treats. Then, if the weather is cooperating, we will leash up the dogs, lace up our shoes, and take a nice walk in the beautiful fresh air. It’s a simple day that I treasure every year. The time with family, going outside and moving my body is something that I am extremely grateful to experience.

While there is a great need to give back to numerous worthy causes, it doesn’t have to be a grand or laborious gesture. Simply being grateful for the relationships and possessions that we have been given is a way to give back in and of itself. You might be gifted with physical challenges but with the community found in Arthritis Support Networks you can turn it into something you’re thankful for in the grand scope of it all. ~trvw

Trina is an on-air talent, writer, and columnist with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University. She has been a certified fitness professional through FiTour. Trina is a two-time Boston Marathon finisher, former aerobics instructor, and is the director of the JRA 5K. Although Trina has battled rheumatoid arthritis from childhood into adulthood, she has used a positive focus to prevail in a variety of ways. She has many interests including nature, art, and fitness. Trina writes to encourage and teach others as well as herself

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Thu, 12/22/2016 - 11:18pm


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