Haydee Sedlmeier

Arthritis Foundation, Live Yes! Arthritis Network Training Director

Ms. Sedlmeier has been living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 7. Like many living with arthritis, at times, she felt isolated and misunderstood as a young person living with what many people believe is an “old person’s” condition - yet she manages to maintain an independent and positive attitude. She’s learned how to be adaptive and resilient while dealing with the ups and downs of living with a chronic condition. 

Haydee graduated from Loyola Marymount University. She was fortunate to work for over 20 years as an Operations and Human Resources Manager for major retailers in the Greater Los Angeles area which afforded her the opportunity to enjoy one of her passions: international travel. She has also worked for a Human Capital company and a Personal Development company. She “medically retired" in 2004 - 2015 and enjoyed expanding her culinary skills, being a professional patient, spending more time with friends and loved ones. She shifted her energy towards serving the arthritis community and found her voice through volunteering.

Ms. Sedlmeier has been involved with Arthritis Introspective (AI) since its inception, attending the first Gathering Conference in 2007. In 2010, shortly after returning from the third Gathering Conference, she heard a fellow patient complaining about the lack of support groups in the West Los Angeles area and she launched the West LA Support Group. She quickly joined the Board of Directors serving on both the Membership and Support Group Committees and began the task of redesigning Support Group Leader Training Program. Haydee assumed the role of Vice President of AI and her attention expanded to building up the organization’s infrastructure in preparation for its next growth phase including the implementation of this website. Her leadership and commitment is to provide adults living with arthritis networking opportunities, wellness education, empowerment, and face to face support groups.

Concurrently, Haydee developed into a Champion of Yes by volunteering with her local Arthritis Foundation, serving as the Pacific Region Speakers Bureau chair, advocate, public health intern, and volunteering on numerous committees. She served Greater Los Angeles County as a certified speaker for the Arthritis Foundation between 2008 - 2015 and was sought after to speak and educate LA’s diverse, widespread population in partnership with local organizations. She also volunteers with Landmark Worldwide as a coach and a former program team leader.

Ms. Sedlmeier’s is thrilled that Arthritis Introspective merged into the Arthritis Foundation in 2016.  She joined the Arthritis Foundation as the Live Yes! Arthritis Network Director and is the staff person accountable for training new volunteers in the Live Yes! Arthritis Network including LIve Yes! Connect group facilitators and expanding the presence of these support groups across the United States. This is volunteer driven and patient-led initiative that provides personalized help & support to people with all types of arthritis and related diseases.

Haydee’s passion is to increase arthritis awareness, connect, educate, and empower people living with arthritis to not just survive but to thrive!


Live Yes! Arthritis Network provides personalized help and support to Adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions and Parents/Guardians of children living with arthritis. Our programs offer opportunities for connection, education and empowerment via support groups, online community and conferences.

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