The goal of the Arthritis Support Networks is to improve the lives of adults living with arthritis and rheumatic diseases through wellness education, empowerment, and support groups.

Arthritis Support Networks

The dictionary defines a “network” as a group or system of interconnected people or things.

Our Face to Face peer led Support Groups are not the typical arthritis “Support Group”.  When one thinks of Support Groups, one might picture people sitting in a circle, in a basement, crying into Styrofoam cups of bad coffee and listening to people complain about how much arthritis sucks (to be blunt). The good news is that is not us!

Our Arthritis Support Networks strive to foster an environment of understanding, encouragement and empowerment that supports and includes adults with all types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

We call our model Social Support. We gather together for fun social and educational activities in our communities and learn together how to not just survive life with arthritis but to thrive. 

If you are living with Arthritis and it's related rheumatic conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis or Osteoarthritis, newly diagnosed with arthritis, a seasoned vet or somewhere in between, you are invited to join us. While historicaly our target demographic is young and middle aged adults, adults of any age are welcome to join us if you feel you can benefit from participating in our support groups.  And yes loved ones and friends are more than welcome! 

Support Groups are led by Arthritis Support Network Leaders (ASNL), who are trained community volunteers that share a common goal of bringing together people living with arthritis (and their loved ones) for fun, affordable, and informative activities providing mutual support and positive coping strategies for living well with arthritis.

Our Support Groups meet at least six times a year and feature a combination of educational and social activities. Education includes health and wellness speakers and arthritis-related seminars and classes. Social events are a unique and popular feature with our Support Groups. Examples include evenings out to sporting events, comedy clubs, free summer concerts in the park, trips to wineries, and dinners out at favorite restaurants.

To join one of the fun and supportive groups listed below and be added to their mailing list, simply follow the link “subscribe to the group” at the bottom of the Support Group page. You will be prompted to register as a user and create an account on this site. There is no commitment; you can unsubscribe anytime by following the same procedure. But, hey, we hope you’ll enjoy your group so much you won’t want to.

If your community is not listed yet, please register as a new user and create an account on this website.  We will let you know when we launch a group close to you.

If you would like to start or co-lead an Arthritis Support Network in your area, please complete the Arthritis Support Network Leader Application Form to start the process. With your support, we hope to have a group in every state in the next four years.

“Arthritis Introspective provides an opportunity for individuals with all forms of arthritis to get together and share health information in order to better manage our diagnoses.  Because of the information I learn from this group, I'm able to have more intelligent conversations with my rheumatologist, physical therapist, nutritionist, and even my friends and family. Since participating, I feel more in charge of my disease.  Props go to the organizers for getting a great group of people together.”

- Carly P, Los Angeles, CA. DX: Rheumatoid Arthritis. Year of onset: 1992, April 21, 2014