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Arthritis Support Network launched: 2017

Arthritis Support Network Leader:  Larry                      Type of Arthritis: Rheumatoid Arthritis

About this Arthritis Support Network:     

I would like to create a safe accepting support network for people with rheumatic disease and those involved in their lives. It feels like this group could be most effective if there is some amount of structure i.e. regular meetings, educational presentations, events, etc. combined with fun social events and allotted time to talk with other members and share experiences. I believe that the final flow of the group will ultimately depend on the mix of the members and the needs/wants of the group.

About: Larry

Hello to everyone, my name is Larry and I live in Sylvania, Ohio which is just outside of Toledo. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2012 which started me on this crazy journey with rheumatoid disease. Fortunately, I have a loving supportive husband, 3 grown sons, 3 beautiful daughter-in-law’s, and 5 precious grandchildren that keep me grounded, centered, and motivated to maintain the best possible quality of life. I recently retired as a mental health therapist so I now have more time for my family and my other passion which is prevention of cruelty to animals and supporting dog rescue.

Since my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, I have had to search for information regarding my disease, treatment/medications, and ways to accommodate the changes in my body and my environment. It became clear that my doctors and treatment professionals do not place much importance on patient education and had limited resources. Additionally, I uncovered the fact that there are no support groups in my area for rheumatoid disease. I need information, support, guidance, and friendship with other individuals who are experiencing their world as I am with this disease. I think a support group is the way to accomplish that goal. In the past, I created and lead a support group for single fathers for 10 years and I believe that my professional training as a therapist gives me the skill set to lead groups, organize and facilitate events/activities, and be sensitive to the wants/needs of the group as a whole.


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Submitted by Cynthia Mahaffey on

As a support person for a brother with RA, I have felt the desperate need for a support group for family members, friends, and of course, primarily, persons with rheumatoid diseases.  I hope you will come out to this group if you live in the greater Toledo area (or soueastern Michigan) and be part of this new community!

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