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Live Yes! Connect relaunched: 2019

Live Yes! Connect Facilitator: Ron                  Type of Arthritis: Rheumatoid Arthritis

About this Live Yes! Connect Group:   

Diagnosed with RA in the "pre-digital era", I remember not having anyone to turn to for support other than to my Rheumatologist. In my case, she was far from supportive and I had to cope alone with all the challenges RA brought upon me as well as find answers for my questions and alleviate my worries and fears all by myself. We are lucky to have an abundance of digital resources nowadays, such that facilitate patient-to-patient connection. I see the group first and foremost a resource for support for the members, offering knowledge and experience sharing and, in general, a place in which members can discuss matters that “outsiders” won’t understand. Additionally, I see this group as a resource for knowledge and education building regarding RA in specific and arthritis in general and regarding the latest innovations that can help patient’s lives.

Having had RA for so many years, I wish to now share my knowledge and experience and make an impact helping to build a strong supportive community. I’ve already been doing that in the past year (nurturing a Facebook community of RA patients) and see the Arthritis Foundation as a perfect outlet to increase my impact substantially.

About: Ron

I'm Ron and have been an RA patient for the past 23 years (since high school). In fact, I've been longer with it than without it. I'm originally from Israel with my background in computer science and moved to the US in 2009 to pursue my post graduate degree at MIT. Following that, in 2011, I moved to NY and involved in the technology startup space.

As a curious individual, I have developed extensive knowledge relating to RA, and coupled with my extensive life experience with the condition, feel I can help other patients sharing my insights. Therefore, I chose to get involved with the Arthritis Foundation - help others learn what I wish I had known in the past.


I've have never let my RA hold me back and always fought my way through the hurdles I had faced. Whether it be getting my deep-water diver’s license, despite my Rheumatologist's objections, getting a pilot's license or even working as a flight attendant for 2 years back in 1999. True, it was not pain-free and often, I had to fake it and wear my "I'm totally healthy mask" to get the needed approvals but my spirit is stronger than any obstacle.


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