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Arthritis Support Network launched: 2017

Arthritis Support Network Leader:  Barb             Type of Arthritis: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Undifferentiated Spondyloarthritis

About this Arthritis Support Network:     

I would like to bring support to adults living with all types of Arthritis. Meeting in a safe and welcoming environment help provide education through their journey of Rheumatic disease. Empower health and well-being in the expression of how it impacts daily living through partnership and social gathering combat isolation and a chance to be a part of a community.

About:  Barb

Hello! My name is Barb.  I am a licensed dental hygienist in Maryland. I have a Masters degree in Acupuncture and bring a holistic approach to my patient care. I am presently taking classes with Johns Hopkins Medicine on Living Well with Chronic Illness. I find learning new things fun. I was diagnosed over three years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune challenges. I had symptoms way before I was diagnosed. I saw multiple disciplines of doctors and was told my body tests fine, it must be stress. Pure luck landed me with a Rheumatologist door step. I wish I had better information earlier so I would not have chased after fad or misdirected remedies. I faced many disappointments expecting to restore perfect health. Often I felt lonely not able to keep up with others. I am still a learner in my own personal manifestation of my Arthritis. I am feeling more at home in my body.

I’m starting an Arthritis Support Network in my area because the need is great and no one is stepping up to the plate in this area. I know many patients who have expressed frustration with the lack of knowledge. I have a knack for bring people together. I look forward to tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Arthritis Support Network.


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Submitted by Justine Harper on
31 year old mother of 2 with Psoriatic arthritis. Diagnosed 8 years ago. As an athlete and general human being, arthritis is mentally daunting. I'd be lying to you if I said, "it gets better." But if I've learned anything over the last almost decade its that your mind is both an unlimited asset and your greatest challenge to hurdle. I've tried all the meds, diets and exercise routines but the best cure out there is your own positive will power to keep moving, forgive your body and accept the love and support of your family. Don't beat yourself up when you feel like sh!t, can't do the things you once knew yourself to be capable of and just feel like breaking down and crying. 8 years later and i still feel this way semi - regularly. Its so easy to lose sight of the struggle and call yourself lazy or worthless. But don't. You are amazing and fighting a battle many people could never understand. You are stronger than you know, even if it's not at the gym. Much love to all you crunchy guys and gals. Fight the good fight - Every. Friggin. Day. Thank you for leading this group. It will be a great resource to all. <3

Submitted by Kim Remesch on

Hi, I've just joined. I've been doing a search for local groups, and I've found little. I found this, but there don't seem to be any events (or members). Am I even in the right place?  

I live in Middle River, and I'm on Medical leave now until early April, but I work full time. 

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The Arthritis Support Network provides personalized help and support to adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Our programs offer opportunities for connection, education and empowerment via support groups and conferences.

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