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Arthritis Support Network launched: 2017

Arthritis Support Network Leader: Loretta                                Type of Arthritis: Osteoarthritis

About this Arthritis Support Network:   

To create and provide an inclusive, safe, interactive and fun space for all self-identified persons with all forms of Arthritis. To create meaningful engagements that inspire, motivate , educate and provide support for all members and their families to foster a culture of shared camaraderie amongst members.

*And on a fun note, possibly to even create an annual/ biennial event/ theatrical production or a book project with all the members, if possible, since that IS my forte :)

About: Loretta

I’ve been described by the media as a force of nature “Master of her own Planet Crowd Puller and Critical Media Entrepreneur” and hold a Doctorate in Philosophy and a Certificate in Leadership from Harvard. Indeed, while I am blessed to have had a colorful, creative career as an adjunct professor, award-winning creative director, radio host and author of a series of bestsellers in Asia, what many did not know was that I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis since I was 22. That radically changed my life. I decided to head into directing instead of acting as i knew my joints would not hold up. Unknown to me then, this was to become the best decision I made as it led me on a roller-coaster adventure of becoming a creative director for some of the world’s most recognized brands and toured Asia, North America and Europe for over 17 years. But I worked hard, lived fast and furious and possibly wore my joints out even faster in the process even though I enjoyed every minute of it. In 2012, I was seconded by the Singapore government to work in the Last Shangri-La, the Kingdom of Bhutan. That experience humbled me so fundamentally that I decided that my health and happiness are the two most important things in my life, and I embarked on a journey to simplify my life. And this is where I am now. Today, I no longer keep a punishing schedule and wish to live my life helping others to recognize the importance of positive psychology while also bringing communities together. My recent Ted Talk, “The Power of Failure” debunked the myth of success and exposed the culture of shame and taboo perpetuated by Asian societies in their constant pursuit of excellence, and the need to uphold face. I also believe that when we come to terms with our own pain and vulnerability, are we then better at helping and reaching out to others to do the same.  But above all, I believe nobody should make us feel inferior without our consent and that we are stronger together. So let’s not wait another day for our pain to go away but rather join forces, support one another and seize the day, joint pain or no! :)

I am an immigrant to Hawaii and have no family except my husband here. When I was in Singapore, I had a bigger network of friends that I could engage with, but do not have these resources here in Hawaii. I had tried to look for a group here but realized there was none or that I could not find one. This filled me with the impetus to wish to establish one. Being no stranger to leadership as well as community volunteering, I took it upon myself to approach the Foundation to establish one. I do believe that it does help to have a community and a network which can come in very handy for any person with arthritis on a day that they may need help. Granted, most people are busy and communities like these may not have to be active all days of the year, but it certainly helps to know that one is not alone and there is always help just around the corner.


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