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Arthritis Support Network launched: 2014

Arthritis Support Network Leader: Rocio           Type of Arthritis: Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

About this Arthritis Support Network:

Support, connection and encouragement for people living with arthritis.

About Rocio:

Hello this is Rocio and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I started showing symptoms at 8 years old, but it took them about two years to finally diagnose me with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I sometimes think of how my life has been affected by arthritis and yes, it makes me sad, but over the years I have also learned to adapt and make changes so that my Arthritis does not control my life. You can say I am a success, despite the many obstacles in my life and believe me, I have many, not just JRA. I achieved my goal of earning a Masters degree and I am also married to a lovely man that loves me and accompanies me to the AI events and supports me emotionally. Because of my physical limitations and my deformities, I grew up listening to people talk about how difficult it was going to be for me in life and assuming that I would always be dependent of others. I heard as others spoke of what my life would be like as a grown up and I am so happy to say IT IS NOTHING LIKE THEY PREDICTED! I am happy with who I have become and what I have achieved. I can stand on my own two feet and if I should need help in the future I know I have my husband and my family to help out.

Arthritis is a part of my life and despite the many years of experience I sometimes still struggle with the ups and downs of this darn disease. Arthritis Support Networks alleviate my frustration and helps me keep on going. I may feel alone once in awhile but I am not.  I have my Arthritis Support Network sisters and brothers that understand me without me having to say much. I love the conferences and how I feel around my extended family. I am excited about our local support network (San Francisco/Bay area) and hope we can help others who feel as lost and confused as I did when I was newly diagnosed.  I am eager to meet new faces and explore resources that will enrich our lives. I am hoping that we can also create that same feeling the conference provides us...the feeling of family, acceptance and courage to keep on going. Anything is possible and living with arthritis does not need to be ALL about Arthritis but you do need to pay attention to it and learn to recognize the symptoms and the different ways this disease can take over your life if you let it. We are here to help you fight back and win some rounds against the evil auto-immune foe.  I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing old friends at the next Arthritis Support Network gathering. Feel free to write or approach us during the next Arthritis Support Network and/or Gathering Conference.


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Submitted by Rocio on

Hello all, its Rocio. I am so happy the first meeting for the SF Bay area people will be in our backyard. We all have days that feel unmanagable and we can't explain how we feel to others and we pretend that everything is fine. I am excited that we have our local group because among these people there is no need to pretend. In this group we will also be learning from our peers and professionals different ways to cope with this condition. I have many thoughts and ideas but I will hold on to them until we meet.  I am so excited. I hope I see many of my local friends and hope to meet new friends.

Submitted by Rem O on

June 5, 2017


I am newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I'm looking to attend a local support group in the Bay Area or ideally in the North Bay.

Would someone please let me know if this group still meets.

If the group does still meet, where and when is it?


Thank you,



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